Vinyl Record Table Placemats


Vinyl - Anyone who loves music knows that it sounds better on vinyl. Anyone who likes food knows food tastes better when eaten on a vinyl placemat. Or something like that.

Well anyway here is a classic example of a thing used for something else that it was never meant to be used for in the first place! Vinyl placemats. These retro placemats protect your table like regular ones but oh do they look stylish.

Unlike actual records (say couldn't i just use my grandpa's real old records?) these are made from silicon and are dishwasher safe.They even come with record sleeves for storage.

And just for the record, the song listed on the vinyls isĀ  "Fork to the Left, Knife to the Right" by The Clean Plates.

Vinyl placemat records - putting a new spin on tableware and stopping you from scratching the table.

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