The Pedal Pub

Hammacher Schlemmer

You may well have seen a pedal pub cycling around in a city near you, a moving bar full of tourists, dodging traffic and annoying taxi drivers.

It's an odd thing to do and seemingly combines two polar opposites. Why would anybody want to exercise while knocking back their beer of choice? Simple - calories in, calories out. A perfect system.

So now you can own one or the budding entreprenuers amongst you can bring the concept to your locality. Just add up to 10 excited pedallers/drinkers. One bartender and a driver and your mobile party can get started. Stick a keg on that connects to the tap and all drips are caught in the overflow tray. There is even room for a stereo system and speakers.

So join in on the cycle revolution and knock a few back while doing it. You won't get healthier but you won't pile on the pounds either.

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