The Birds Nest Bed


Baby birds get a pretty sweet deal. They sit around in a comfy nest all day and wait for their parents to come back and regurgitate food for them. Heck before they were even born daddy bird toiled to construct the nest, from sticks!

So its with that in mind that the Birds Nest Bed has been developed - the ultimate in comfort nesting now for humans.

The nest features wood panels on the outside with a choice of coloured egg poofs.

Its the brainstorm of architects OGE who refer to it as the 'giant birdnest for creating new ideas'. It comes in three sizes with the biggest being able to accommodate 16 people! The smallest more intimate version is for up to  2-3 people.

So perhaps you literally want to start 'nesting' for your little ones or use this as a 'collaborative work space' in your hipster 'startup' studio.

The Birds Nest Bed - It's a pretty 'tweet deal.

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