Pizza Pool Inflatable

via Amazon

Get yourself a pizza the action!

Retro Bluetooth Nes Controller

via Amazon

The Nintendo controller you always wanted.

The Bicycle Pizza Cutter

via Amazon

Bicycle enthusiasts everywhere can rejoice, finally the pizza cutter you never knew you wanted

Rockstirs guitar shaped tea spoons

via Mustard

Pour some sugar on me!

75 Foot Slip and Slide

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The biggest slip and slide that money can buy.

Space saving fridge bottle magnet

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Beer bottles take up valuable fridge space, that's a harsh reality of modern life.

Sharky - Novelty Shark Fin Tea Infuser

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Fintastic tea infuser for those who like their tea with a bite

Hidden flask in a tie

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Hide drinks (hint:booze) inside your tie!!

Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

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For anybody that has ever tried to sleep in a car.

Tetris Shaped Ice Cube Tray

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Finally - Ice for nerds.

M37 8MM Paintball Machine Gun

via Amazon

Paint houses for a living? Fire her up with their chosen colour and get the job done in minutes

Cruzin Cooler 1000W Scooter

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There’s nothing cooler than a scooter that’s a cooler.

Barfing Toothpaste Cap

via Amazon

A brush of excitement for kids

Intex Floating Recliner Lounge

via Amazon

The floating recliner floats our boat

Creepy Creature Mugs

via Firebox

Behold the creepy creatures that lurk at the bottom of your mug of tea