Philips Wake Up Light


One of the worst things you face on a daily basis is being woken up by a shrieking alarm clock, you inevitably hit snooze and then it gets you again 9 minutes later ( who decided snooze was 9 minutes anyway?)

Man wasn't designed to wake up everyday to a horrific noise, not unless it was an alert to danger so no wonder we are all so cranky in the morning.

What if there was a better way of waking up more naturally with less stress we hear you ask? Natural light to simulate sunrise is what this wake up light from Philips does, and its backed by research that says people feel much better waking up this way. Don't trust natural light to wake you up - well don't worry its got a built in radio or the sound of sweet chirping birds built in too.

Wake up and see the light - because getting up shouldn't be a traumatic experience.

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