FAQ attack or attack of the FAQ. Here we answer your most asked questions!

Why the name?

That's a good question! This is not actually a list of stuff we don't want you to buy. It's actually a list of awesome stuff that we think you would like. So why call the site Do not buy this? The point is that nothing on this site is a necessity, its stuff that will put a hole in your wallet or sit gathering dust or look great but do nothing or make you hurt yourself etc. None of this stuff featured here is needed but then it's stuff like this that makes life worth living.

Also when did you ever listen to someone who told you not to do something? We didn't think so....

Do you get a commission from items on the site?

Yes. We do recieve a small commission from some items on the site. The important thing to note is that not all items actually give us a commission. The other important fact is that the items are chosen because we think they are cool first and foremost. If after we have chosen them we can add an affiliate link then we will. But this is often not the case.

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