Cactus Toothpick Holder


It could be argued that the common toothpick should be safely tucked up in a draw for the rare occasion you have something stuck in your teeth. But we say no. Display your little wooden utensils and be proud of them!

The Cactooph cactus toothpick holder lets you store your toothpick's in a clever way - the toothpicks are the spines that make it look like a spiky cactus!

It's a nifty bit of design that solves a problem nobody needed solved. But why not eh? Life is too short to have cocktail sticks stuffed away in kitchen drawers. The next time you are making cheese and pineapple sticks it will be you that has the last laugh. Embrace life. Buy one.

The cactus toothpick holder has certainly had a spike in interest.

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