About this site

Welcome to donotbuythis.com. The ultimate compendium of desirable objects that may or may not enrich your life. The site was started in 2012 as a small blog of objects that we would like to own. Since we clearly have good judgement the site has since grown substantially into the ever growing behemoth you see before you.

Our Mission

To find and present to you everything that is awesome. Unlike some similar sites though we try to focus on more quality items as opposed to geeky toys that are in high in novelty and low in lasting value. No -  here at donotbuythis we present expensive items that you will never afford or amazing items that are simply too trendy for you to own. It's a list to drool over and sometimes just once in a while you may find something that your better judgement allows you just for a second to consider owning. Warning do not buy this! Oh okay maybe just this once...

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