Sharky - Novelty Shark Fin Tea Infuser

via Amazon

Fintastic tea infuser for those who like their tea with a bite

Hidden flask in a tie

via Amazon

Hide drinks (hint:booze) inside your tie!!

Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

via Amazon

For anybody that has ever tried to sleep in a car.

Tetris Shaped Ice Cube Tray

via Amazon

Finally - Ice for nerds.

M37 8MM Paintball Machine Gun

via Amazon

Paint houses for a living? Fire her up with their chosen colour and get the job done in minutes

Cruzin Cooler 1000W Scooter

via Amazon

There’s nothing cooler than a scooter that’s a cooler.

Barfing Toothpaste Cap

via Amazon

A brush of excitement for kids

Intex Floating Recliner Lounge

via Amazon

The floating recliner floats our boat

Creepy Creature Mugs

via Firebox

Behold the creepy creatures that lurk at the bottom of your mug of tea

Ninja Disguise Tshirt

via Amazon

Just don't ask them about their ninja disguise.

Cactus Toothpick Holder

via Amazon

The cactus toothpick holder has certainly had a spike in interest.

Kiss Zin Fire Wine

via Firebox

You wanted the best, you got the best.

The Birds Nest Bed

via OGE

The Birds Nest Bed - It's a pretty 'tweet deal.

The Hoverwing Flying Hovercraft

via Firebox

What could possibly go wrong?

Beardo Kids Beard Hat

via Beardo

There is seriously nothing cuter than a kid with a beard!

Upside Down Sky Plants

via Firebox

Another problem that simply didn't need solving. Solved.

Real Octopus in Acrylic Block

via Amazon

Squiddly Diddly now comes in paperweight form.

Gravity defying upside down garden shower

via Amazon

The sprinkler on steroids.

Giant Inflatable Floating Island Raft

via Amazon

Warning - owning one may inflate your ego

Skull Ice Cube Mold

via Amazon

Make no bones about it, we love this ice cube mold.

Katana Sword Bookends

via Mustard

Get yourself a set of these killer bookends.

MMA Kids Throwdown Cage Bed


Strangely not octagon shaped.

Banksy Balloon Girl Wall Vinyl

via Amazon

A new wall sticker that doesn't break the

Spiderpodium Tablet Stand

via Firebox

A new tablet stand of the eight legged variety

Polaroid Digital Print Camera

via Amazon

Its back and this time it's not the size of a brick.

Bakeball Bat Rolling Pin

via Firebox

The baseball bat that thinks it's a rolling pin.

Tequila Guns

via Firebox

Prepare to shoot (a shot) of tequila.

Iphone Snap cases

via Firebox

Snaptastic bit of plastic that comes in a range of colours.

Ready mixed vintage cocktails

via Firebox

Its time to drink like you're on the set of Mad Men.

Wearable Sleeping Bag

via Amazon

The Wearable Sleeping Bag - Never get out of bed again.

The Pedal Pub

via Hammacher Schlemmer

pedal powered taverns? What next?

Star Wars Dog Costume

via Laika

Dressing up your dog hits a new low.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

via Amazon

Say, this water tastes a little fruity to me..

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem

via Amazon

Become the God of your own tiny EcoSphere!

RC Helicopter That Shoots Water

via Amazon

RC Water Shooter - Sure to make a splash in toy stores near you

Vinyl Record Table Placemats

via Amazon

Placemat records - putting a new spin on tableware.

The Body Launching Inflatable

via Hammacher Schlemmer

Splash out on this luxury lake inflatable!

Video Game Controller Soap

via Firebox

A brilliant gift for your smelly gamer boyfriend.

Philips Wake Up Light

via Amazon

Wake up to this new gadget from Philips

Open Air Backyard Home Theater

via Amazon

Honey, i just blew up the TV!

Marshall Audio Major Headphone

via Amazon

These rock and roll headphones pack a punch!

Boss Tech Touch screen gloves

via Amazon

Say goodbye to freezing fingers!

The Present Color Wheel Year Clock

via m ss ng p eces

The annual clock that tells time in seasons.

Retro Mac Fish Aquarium

via Jake Harms

Say, how do you get it off this fish screensaver?

Spyhawk Remote Controlled Airplane with Video Camera

via Amazon

Snoop from the skies with your personal pilotless drone.

Teroforma Whisky Stones

via Amazon

Time to take drinking whisky seriously with these whisky stones. Cheers!

All Star Guitar for iPad

via Amazon

A portable multi touch sensation mashup between the electric guitar and the iPad.

Pickmaster Guitar Pick Maker

via Amazon

Free guitar picks for life with the pickmaster guitar plectrum punch!

The Ex 5 Piece Knife Set

via Amazon

Designer Raffaele Iannello has taken a stab at revolutionizing the way you store knives!

Micro Drone Quadrocopter

via Firebox

One of the most stable radio controlled copters we have seen.

Wifi Bathroom Scales

via Firebox

Step on it and check out these sleek and stylish bathroom wifi scales.

The Subwing

via Subwing

Feel the sensation of underwater flying with this new watersport

White & White LED Clock

via Kibardiin Design

The White and White clock by Vadim Kibardin

Caddy Style Sofa

via Gameroomantiques

The Cadillac Sofa - park your rear, on the rear of an American Icon.

Avengers USB Sticks

via Amazon

Marvel at these awesome Avengers USB sticks.

The Cocktail Master

via Amazon USA

Shake up your next party with this automatic drink mixer.

Trudeau Digital Wine Thermometer

via Amazon

Stop whining about your drink not being the correct temperature

LED Color Changing Cube

via Amazon

LED cube has 64 LED's and puts on a 30 minute light show.

Camera Lens Coffee Cup

via Amazon

The camera lens coffee cup - hot stuff!

Crystal Head Vodka

via Liquorama

Great tasting and pure vodka in a crystal skull.

Nest Learning Thermostat

via Apple Store

Thermostats are the hottest new thing to own

iCade for iPad

via Firebox

It's like the arcade but in your house and a bit smaller.

Blacktop 360 Party Grill

via Firebox

Frying without wings on this 360 party grill!

Taylor's Coloured Kitchen Knife Block

via Firebox

Liven up your kitchen space with these colourful kitchen knives from Taylors of Sheffield.

QLOCKTWO Minimalist Clock

via Firebox

Redefine time with this sleek modernist wall clock

Ripstik Caster Board

via Amazon

Prepare to hurt yourself carving down the pavement with this futuristic and fun skateboard.

Tron Motorcycle

via Evolve

The Tron Motorcyle is a reality. What was once a CGI dream can now be yours!

Space Invader's Chair

via Firebox

Iconic 80's pixel perfection in one comfy couch.

Marshall Amplifier Fridge

via Marshall

The 'coolest' rock and roll accessory

Deglon Meeting Knife Set

via Amazon

French company Deglon have produced an iconic set of knvies that has to be seen to be believed.

Tetris Lights

via Amazon

Brighten up your space and pay homage to the game with these retro Tetris lights.

Seabreacher Dolphin Powerboat

via Innespace

The dolphin boat. Only rich adrenaline junkies need apply.

Minimal Cube Planters

via Score + Solder

Stylish handmade cube planters for your home.

Bladefish 5000 Underwater Scooter

via Amazon

Because kicking in the water is way to much effort.

VW Campervan Tent


Go camping in style with this replica Volkswagen Campervan tent.

Camo Fatboy Beanbag

via Firebox

The fatboy now comes in this great looking camouflage version.

Skateboard Wall Mirror

via Amazon

A slick looking mirror shaped like a skateboard.

Mp3 Jukebox Dock

via Firebox

It's time to get retro with this stylish MP3 jukebox dock.

Whatever Wall Clock

via Amazon

Whatever clock - Stick a finger to mother time with this novelty clock

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